Heating And Cooling Tips For Older Homes

Older Homes Heating And Cooling Tips

7 Simple Ways to Keep an Old House Climate Controlled

Old houses can be an incredible investment—and an incredible place to call “home.” However, they aren’t without their challenges, especially when it comes to keep spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Given that older homes don’t tend to have modern additions—everything from central air conditioning to updated HVACs, furnaces and water heaters—managing indoor climates can be a challenge. But, with some simple strategies, you can maximize your family’s comfort without breaking the bank. Here’s where to start...

Older Home HVAC Tip #1

Add Insulation

A poorly-insulated lets out an enormous amount of heat. Head to the attic and add insulation. If it’s an open and unfinished space, blow-in insulation works wonders and can be done in a day. Use traditional rolled insulation for finished attics.

Older Home HVAC Tip #2

Break Out the Tin Foil

Curb heat loss from old radiators by attaching a layer of reflective heat foil to the wall behind the radiator. The foil keeps the warm air from escaping through exterior walls and reflects it back into the room.

Older Home HVAC Tip #3

Install Programmable Thermostats

Once you have a reliable heating system, programmable thermostats keep running without missing a beat, all while bringing down your monthly bills. It’s easy to dial down your thermostat during the day to save money, and adjust during peak times when you and your family are home.

This same scenario applies in reverse for cooling—it’s fine if temperatures rise a bit during the day when you’re at work. That alone can save you big bucks, especially during the summer months.

Older Home HVAC Tip #4

Seal it Up

All those little gaps let in cold air in winter and hot and humid air in summer. Start in the attic with a flashlight, a lighter or incense stick, caulk or foam insulation and look for air leaks. Hold the lighter or stick near gaps and if the smoke or flame moves, plug the hole.

Do the same in the basement and around windows and doors.

Older Home HVAC Tip #5

Bring In The Cool

Incredibly easy and equally effective, take advantage of cool night air by bringing it in and keeping it there during the day. Use fans to coax in cool air through open windows and stir it around with a whole-house fan. When the temp rises the next day, shut the windows and shades.

Older Home HVAC Tip #6

Ceiling Fans are Your Friends

Affordable and relatively easy to install, ceiling fans can drop your cooling bill 15% or more. You can find fans at home supply stores for $200 or less.

Older Home HVAC Tip #7

Install an HVAC Zoning System

Another simple option? Install an HVAC zoning system in your home. These easy-to-use systems pair with programmable thermostats and enable you to keep different rooms or zones at different temperatures. That’s ideal, especially if you aren’t using your entire house all day long. For example, you could keep the first floor warmer at night, if all of your bedrooms are on higher floors. On average, homeowners save about 30% on their heating and cooling.

For more tips on heating and cooling options for your home—or to schedule a free assessment, give a call at 615-383-3072.

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