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Is it time to think about installing a new heater? You rely on your heater to keep things comfortable and cozy during those cold months. Few of us want to pass the winter season freezing inside our own homes! But there may come a time when repairs just won’t cut it for your heater or wind up cost as much or near as much as a new heater.

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Signs You Should Start Thinking About a New Heater Installation

Here are some red flags that indicate it may be time to think about getting and installing a new heater in your home:

You have to crank up the heat up high to feel any warmth at all

Yikes, that sure is tough on your wallet and your HVAC system. If you’re feeling chilly no matter how much you play with the thermostat, that’s a definite sign that your heater is not performing as it should and warrants having a professional come inspect it.

Your energy bills are going up

Sure, it’s normal to see some fluctuation from month to month or season to season. But if your energy bills are higher than ever with no reasonable explanation, it’s time to take a closer look. Review utility bills from the past year and see how your energy usage compares. If your heater isn’t functioning effectively, it’s time to see how a more energy efficient unit can help!

You’re getting repairs done regularly

Seasonal maintenance and tune-ups are to be expected. Are you having to pay for multiple repairs on your heater in a relatively short period of time? Not only is that no fun, it’s rarely wise financially. It’s likely worth it to invest in a new heater that won’t incur frequent costs like your current one.

You see a blue flame on the burner

This is one is truly serious! A blue, instead of yellow flame, may indicate that your heater is producing carbon monoxide. To be on the safe side, leave your home immediately and contact an experienced HVAC professional to discuss.

Your heater is as old as Father Time

All machines and appliances have a lifespan and this includes your heater. There will come a time when trying to maintain an outdated, dying heater will cost you more over time than investing in updated, efficient technology. How long your heater will last will depend on its quality, technology, and the maintenance performed. Newer systems last longer but your average heater will last for over 15 years.

Your house sounds like it’s haunted

When you run your heater, what do you hear? If it sounds like popping, banging, or even rattling, your heater is likely on the way out. They tend to get a bit noisy as their lifespan runs out.

You feel cold air from the blower or the blower shuts off frequently

This is a tell-tale sign that the end is near.

Questions To Ask Your HVAC Professional

Before you jump into having a new heater installed, carefully review and vet any HVAC company you’re considering working with. This little bit of extra effort will help you avoid poor installations, headaches, and costly mistakes. Here are some questions to ask as you interview potential HVAC companies:

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Last month I replaced my home's HVAC system. After checking with other companies I chose American Heating & Cooling after speaking with their sales rep, Thomas Bragg. Thomas was very knowledgeable and helped me select a Carrier unit …More
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