keep cool and keep more money in your pocket with an HVAC Tune-Up

American Heating And Cooling has been providing a variety of a/c repair, maintenance, and installation services throughout Nashville and the surrounding areas since 1981.
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What Our HVAC Clients Say

From the moment that you give us a call, our team is dedicated to making sure that all of your HVAC needs are taken care of from start to finish.
We had them come out to do a heat adjustment and Manny noticed a gas smell that we had apparently gotten used to. A quick evaluation and he discovered a gas leak in our stove. Had he not spoken up and gone above and beyond, we could have been in danger. I’m so grateful he went above and beyond for us! Seriously some of the best service I could have ever asked for!
Lynn S.
American Heating and Cooling replaced my heating and air system in less than one day. On time and on budget make them a 5 star company. I would not hesitate to call American Heating and Cooling for all of your heating and air needs.
Arthur L.
If you are looking for a company who’s workmanship and dependability you can rely on, American Heating & Cooling is for you. One of my biggest concerns with being a single woman, finding a company that I could feel comfortable with was definitely at the top of my list. Moving forward they will always be my company to call. Highly recommend anyone looking for quality service to give them a call!
Anne C.

What is included in the Tune-Up?

Our multi point tune-up checklist covers inspection, cleaning and service. Our licensed professionals will carefully look at individual components to make sure they are working properly and to keep your HVAC system operating at peak performance.

Clean and inspect condensate system

Check thermostat operation

Inspect evaporator coil

Clean evaporator coil*

Check air filter

Inspect condenser coil

Clean condenser coil*

Inspect accessible duct work*

Monitor starting capabilities

Check for proper airflow

Test safety controls

Inspect and clean gas components

Lubricate moving parts as needed

Check blower components

Tighten electrical connections

Measure volts/amps on motors

Measure temperature difference

Check refrigerant charge*

why schedule a tune-up with American heating and cooling?

With the strain of hot, humid Nashville summers, your A/C system is under a lot of pressure to keep your home cool and comfortable all season long. Show it some love with a check-up by our team of HVAC professionals who can keep your system running like new for longer. Plus, when your system is working properly, you’re likely to see both short-term and long-term savings.

To lower your utility bills

Heating and cooling equipment typically accounts for 30 - 40% of your overall utility costs each month. With our inspection and tune-up, we can correct any issues that may be forcing your HVAC components to work harder than needed. A well-maintained system won’t end up being a power guzzler, which directly impacts your home’s energy consumption and can lower your power bill.

To extend the life of your equipment

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of approximately 15 years if the system is right for the space and if it’s maintained properly. No one wants to incur the expense of replacing it entirely, especially years earlier than anticipated, so it makes much more sense to keep your existing system in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

To reduce the frequency and cost of future repairs

Savvy savers know that routine maintenance prevents inconvenient and costly breakdowns by finding and fixing minor issues early on – well before they develop into larger, more costly repairs. The negligible expense of an inspection and routine maintenance now can mean significant savings down the road, especially when an expert set of eyes knows precisely where to look for potential problems.

To maintain warranty requirements

Generally, when filing a claim under warranty, HVAC manufacturers will require proof of professional inspections and maintenance. Be sure to schedule these check-ups and keep all documentation together in one place so you’re not scrambling to find records in the midst of a cooling or heating emergency.