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Need heating repair Nashivlle? We have been the trusted heating repair experts since 1981.

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Have you ever had your heater go out during the winter? Just about as bad as having your air go out in the summer, isn’t it? In the Nashville area, we rely on our HVAC systems all year round to keep us comfortable. Our extreme summers and chilly winters mean we need reliable systems that can keep our homes feeling just right, no matter the weather outside.

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How Do I Know I Need Repairs on My Heater?

There are several signs that indicate some repairs may be needed on your heater. Take a look so you know what to keep an eye on. If you’re already experiencing one or more of them, it’s time to get in touch with an HVAC professional before things get worse (and more expensive!):

You’re finding more and more cold spots in your home

Cold or hot spots can often be due to sheer physics and the design of your home. However, if you’re dealing with them on a regular basis, you may have a problem with your heating system’s ductwork. This often occurs in older homes and lead to poor heating airflow. Don’t settle for having drafty spots in your home!

Feeling uncomfortable no matter how much you adjust the thermostat

This is a big one. If you’re blasting the heat and still feeling the chill, your system is not working efficiently. Save your sanity and your wallet by having your heater looked at.

Your utility bill is big

Your bill may go up before you even realize your heater needs repairs. Take a look at your bill and energy consumption. If it looks like your consumption is up but your habits and rates haven’t changed, it’s probably time to have your heater inspected. It’s likely not running as well as it should and will continue to cost you money.

Your air is dry and dusty in the winter

Poor air quality is a big red flag that your system isn’t performing efficiently. Remember, your system should condition the air it circulates. If you’re noticing an increase in dust, mildew, and the like, take a look at your filter. No change? You likely need heater maintenance or repairs.

Your heater is always running and making weird noises

For the most part, your heater should be pretty quiet. If it constantly sounds like things are going bump in the night (or day!), your furnace is likely breaking down.

You don’t know when your last tune-up was

Your HVAC system needs twice-yearly tune-ups to perform its best. If you’re scratching your head trying to remember the last time you had one, schedule one as soon as possible to avoid expensive issues down the line.

It smells like something is burning

It’s not uncommon to smell a musty odor when your heater runs for the first time in the season. If you smell this odor regularly, it may point to bigger issues and warrants a professional inspection stat.

Your heater short cycles

This means it is cycling or running on and off frequently. You’ll see a licensed HVAC professional to take a look and see what the problem is.

Questions to Potential HVAC Company About Heater Repairs?

There are some home improvement projects you just don’t want to DIY and this is one of them! Attempting to do it on your own can put you and your home in jeopardy. Here are some questions that will help you narrow down your search for the right HVAC company to inspect and repair your heater:

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I’m a single mom of 2 and our air went out last night. The sweet lady I spoke to calmed me down and got someone out before lunch. Christian is the best technician and got my unit up and running. I will be referring everyone I know to tho company!!!
Gwen E.
Last month I replaced my home's HVAC system. After checking with other companies I chose American Heating & Cooling after speaking with their sales rep, Thomas Bragg. Thomas was very knowledgeable and helped me select a Carrier unit …More
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