Why Two Stage Air Conditioners?

Why Two Stage Air Conditioners?

Why Two-Stage and Variable Output Air Conditioners are Great Heating and Cooling Options

As a homeowner, you have a number of options when it comes to heating and cooling your space. Two popular options? Two-stage air conditioners and variable output AC units. Each offer a variety of benefits—get in touch to learn more and for a free assessment, to determine which option makes sense for your home. 

Two-stage AC Systems

Two-stage central air conditioning systems offer a simple, affordable option to cooling your home. Within this general category you’ll find two specific models based on your home’s unique needs—high-output and low-mode ACs.

High-output models use the full capacity of the AC unit’s power—the benefits, then, are more complete and comprehensive cooling throughout your entire home. On the other end of the spectrum there are low-mode models which, as the name suggests, provides less cooling capacity.

Though these models deliver less “cool,” they do off a host of benefits—think quieter operation, less energy usage and more consistent temperatures throughout your home. Low-mode ACs can also help improve the performance of your air filter, helping them last longer with less maintenance.

Variable Output Central AC Systems

It’s important to note that two-stage central AC systems must be paired with a matching furnace that’s also two-stage-equipped. However, getting your furnace ready to pair with a two-stage AC is well worth the investment in both the short- and long-term.

Like a two-stage central AC system, a variable output system brings a number of benefits including more powerful cooling capabilities—ideal when temperatures rise. These systems can also adjust their cooling power more precisely than two-stage systems, moving in 1% increments across the range cooling output.

Variable output units also offer quiet operation, lower electricity use and longer run-time capabilities. This results in better air circulation—you won’t end up with one room that’s stifling and others that are ice cold.

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