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Signs You Need Better Air Quality At Home

The air quality in your home has a big impact on your family’s health. Here are some signs that your home could use some TLC and some simple fixes.

Sign #1: The Sniffles

Do you notice that as soon as guests enter your home, sit down, and make themselves at home, they start sniffling? Are your kids constantly sniffling? Maybe your husband’s sniffling is keeping you up all night? The problem may lie in your air quality. This is particularly true if you notice that at the office, the grocery store, or other people’s homes, your sniffles disappear but reappear as soon as you get back home. If this is the case, your HVAC unit may be harboring millions of microscopic allergens and other sinus-irritating particles.

Sign #2: Chronic Cough

Dust and other particles will try to make a home in your air conditioning unit during the winter months. When summer comes around, and you fire up the A/C unit, the little particles can wreak havoc on the entire household— even the pets! If you notice the family starts to cough chronically during the first few weeks of A/C system, it’s likely the fault of a heavy particulate count.

Sign #3: A Recent Home or Garage Renovation

Unfortunately, renovations can bring a lot of fumes with them, from the paint, carpet, and new flooring. If you have recently renovated your home or garage, there may be volatile organic compounds (VOCs) left floating in your air, thus impacting your home’s air quality level.

Sign #4: Constantly Dusting

Homes in agricultural or industrial-adjacent communities are more vulnerable to the dust and dirt generated by farming, heavy mowing, and/or the use of certain lawn chemicals. So, if you notice you are breaking out the duster more than usual, these outside particles might be entering your HVAC unit and circulating throughout your home via the heater or air conditioner. 

If you start to notice any of these signs and symptoms, don’t fret. Contact an HVAC professional to schedule duct cleaning, an HVAC tune-up, and any other services the technician may recommend to remedy your issues and get your household back in optimal health.

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