Should I Set My Thermostat to ON or AUTO?

Should I Set My Thermostat to ON or AUTO?

Chances are you’ve looked at your thermostat and wondered, what’s the difference between AUTO and ON? And, more importantly, which will best manage your indoor climate while ensuring your electricity and gas bills don’t go through the roof? If you’re ever wondered, read on—we’ve got you covered.
Thermostat Setting Meaning

What it Means: Your Thermostat is in the ON Position

Setting your thermostat’s fan setting to ON means air is constantly pulled through the filtration system in your ducts—and that means air is always being cleaned. Without this fan in the “on” position, your air isn’t being purified unless your AC or heat are actively running.

Keeping the fan on also means heat and air in your home are better circulated—and that means more even temperature control.

That said, leaving your fan in the ON position will likely drive higher utility bills. In addition, you’ll have to change air filters more frequently because of the added use.

Thermostat Setting Meaning

Your Thermostat is in the AUTO Position

Keeping your thermostat in the AUTO position means less overall energy is being used—and that reduces your utility bills considerably. Not only that, your air filter will last longer than they will if you leave your fan running continuously—in other words, if you leave it in the “on” position.

That said, in the “auto” position the air in your home won’t be as evenly distributed, which can lead to cold or hot spots versus the more even temperatures that come from letting the fan run continuously. The continuous stopping and starting—what happens in “auto”—can also cause the fan inside your HVAC system to wear out more quickly, adding to your total maintenance bills.

The Alternative: Modern Thermostat Models

Looking for an alternative to “on” and “auto?” Many newer thermostats feature a CIRCULATE setting. This setting automatically turns fans on, running them at regular intervals without keeping them on continuously. This helps circulate fresh air without impacting your energy bills as much.

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