Reasons To Call An HVAC Technician American Heating And Cooling Nashville

Reasons To Call An HVAC Technician

Call An HVAC Technician American Heating And Cooling

When should you Call an HVAC Technician?

Should you call an HVAC technician for every project? Absolutely not. DIY home improvement is an option for many projects, including many HVAC projects. You may be able to find a video to help you learn how to clean the U-tube drain under your sink. You may also be able to handle cleaning your air filter from your HVAC system.

That said, while being hands-on can be a good thing, every property owner needs to know when it’s best to turn to a licensed and certified professional for HVAC repairs.

If you’re unsure about any need you have, call.  It’s better to ask and determine with a pro what you can, can’t and shouldn’t do solo than to tear apart your HVAC and wind up needing costly repairs and replacements.

As you’ll discover, in certain situations it’s best to avoid trying to do the work yourself. For some projects, there are electrical components to be concerned with getting right. In others, you need to be well aware of the requirements for repairs, or you could void your warranty.

Here are some examples of times when it’s best to call an HVAC technician first.

Your A/C System Isn’t Working

Whenever your HVAC system isn’t functioning, don’t wait. Get in touch now. That includes any issues such as:

  • Your system will not turn on at all.
  • You’ve checked the breakers, and it still will not turn on.
  • Your system is working, but your home isn’t cooling or heating properly.
  • There’s a water leak by the unit.
  • The system keeps running – you can hear the fan running – but it does not get cool at all.
  • The system does not seem to shut off, especially the outdoor condensers.

These are examples of times when it is best to have a pro look at your system to determine if it is working properly and what, if any, repairs need to be made.

I had to replace my hvac unit recently. I was very satisfied with every phase of this purchase from the salesman to the installation crew.

I will recommend American Heating and Cooling to all my friends.

James H., Nashville

You Need to Upgrade your air conditioning System

There are times when buying a new HVAC system can be money-saving. Your old system may not be functional any longer. Your system may not be efficient enough to ensure you maintain low utility bills. Even if you are unsure if a new system will help, have a pro out to look at the options.

You Need an Annual Tune-Up

Without a doubt, this is a pro job. An annual tune-up is a time for a certified technician to inspect your system HVAC system to determine what condition it is in.

They will:

  • Look at the wiring and electrical to ensure it is working properly.
  • Check the refrigerant.
  • Ensure the system is efficient. Inspect the indoor and outdoor components
  • Check the ductwork as needed – and more

Annual tune-ups save you money. They help you avoid costly emergency repair bills in the middle of the summer. And, they keep your system working efficiently.

You Plan to Buy a New Home

Whenever you buy a new home, insist on a home inspection. Your licensed HVAC technician should provide a good breakdown of the condition of the system, it’s age, and the overall aspects it has to offer. It’s a simple step in ensuring you understand the condition and efficiency of your home’s major components.

Having a specialized HVAC technician take a look is important if the system is older, too. This ensures you know when you are going to have to replace it in the future.

Let American Heating & Cooling come to your home for an inspection or any other service call you need. Give us a call now.

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