Air Conditioning System Cost Factors

Air Conditioning System Cost Factors

Understanding the Cost of Your New AC

5 Factors that Drive Air Conditioner Prices

Air conditioners aren’t one-size-fits-all—and that means their prices can vary considerably. Understanding your needs and what goes into the cost of a new AC unit can help you determine the right system for your home. Start here…

A/C Cost Reason #1: Installation Timing

While this doesn’t likely impact the unit cost, timing can be a major driver in what you pay for a new AC system. Install yours in early summer and you’ll likely be staring down a much heftier bill than if you tackle it in the winter. Why? AC and HVAC companies are more in-demand, and it’s tougher to lock down ASAP installs. Opt for an off-season purchase and, chances are, you’ll be looking at a lower bill.

A/C Cost Reason #2: System Efficiency

No surprise, but a major factor in a system’s total cost is the size and efficiency of the machine. The more efficient your system, the more you’ll likely pay upfront—but the less you’ll pay in energy and cooling costs over time. Weigh the benefits and your budget and determine what makes sense.

A/C Cost Reason #3: System Size & Capacity

A larger space requires a larger AC unit with greater cooling capacity—and that comes with a greater cost. Expect to pay more for a larger cooling area. With that in mind, consider if you have to cool your entire home. For example, a basement may stay cool all summer long, with or without AC. If you don’t have to count that space in your cooling costs, don’t.

A/C Cost Reason #4: Maintenance Plans

Some systems come complete with ongoing maintenance plans. Like efficient systems, these systems tend to cost more upfront but can curb ongoing or long-term costs down the road. Weigh your options and determine if this is a solid add-on for you.

A/C Cost Reason #5: System Life Expectancy

Some AC systems can last for 10 to 15 years—others even longer. Understanding the longevity is important to weigh the cost and ongoing expenses.

Considering a new AC system? Understand the costs before you make a decision. American Heating And Cooling can help.

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