How often does an a/c unit need refrigerant?

How often does an a/c unit need refrigerant?

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Every component of your air conditioning system can be in perfect working order, but if the level of refrigerant is not adequate, the unit won’t produce cool air. What’s more, if your unit spends too much time running while low on refrigerant, it could withstand expensive damage.

So, how often should you change your A/C unit’s refrigerant? Let’s discuss.

How Long Does Refrigerant Last?

Typically, the refrigerant in a central air conditioning unit should last for the unit’s entire life. As it circulates through the closed system, it will continue to cool the air just as effectively as it did from day one. But, if the system starts to develop any leaks, the refrigerant will begin to slowly escape, reducing the A/C unit’s ability to generate cool air.

It is possible to recharge your air conditioning system by topping it off with refrigerant. But, when you don’t identify the source of the leak, you will likely find yourself adding new refrigerant every few months or so to keep your A/C unit running. This is both expensive and extremely harmful to the environment. What’s more, if you have an older A/C unit, it’s likely you won’t be able to find the correct kind of refrigerant— resulting in a whole host of other issues.

Signs Your A/C Refrigerant Levels Are Low

When you detect an air conditioning unit leak before too much refrigerant has the chance to escape, you are avoiding extra wear and tear on the unit, and you make it easier to find the leak. In most cases, an A/C technician will be able to find the leak with a device known as a “sniffer” that detects any refrigerant that is escaping.

It’s a good idea to have an A/C technician inspect your A/C unit’s refrigerant levels at least once a year to make sure everything looks good and is working properly. If the technician notices the levels are even a bit lower than the previous inspection, it may be a warning of a leak within the system. 

A few of the common signs of a refrigerant leak are:

  • You are unable to get the air-cooled. For example, say the thermostat is set to 70, but your home remains at 75 despite your system cycling on and off.
  • The A/C unit produces cold air at night when it’s cooler outside, but during the warm Nashville days, it cannot.
  • You spot a build-up of frost on your indoor A/C coil.

Need Refrigerant In Nashville?

If you start to notice any of these issues, you need to act quickly before more refrigerant is lost and the problem worsens. Contact the expert team at American Heating Cooling. Our team has been the trusted source for air conditioning and heating services in the Nashville area since 1981. Contact us today; let’s find a solution for you!

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