Why Does My A/C System Make Loud Noises?

A/C System Noises

Sometimes owning a home means trying to decipher the latest banging, dripping or clanking. While diagnosing issues based on sound isn’t always the most effective approach, it can often help you determine the type of issue you’re dealing with so you can tap the right professional.

Your air conditioner, likely, has been the noise-making culprit on more than a few occasions—and those noises can mean any number of things. The good news? The banging and clanging don’t always indicate a serious issue—but, still, it’s important to assess the situation ASAP so you can determine next steps and curb problems before they get worse.

A/C System Noise Reason #1

Loose Ducts and Ductwork

Your AC system is made up of a system of ducts and connecting pieces that guide air through your home and into rooms via vents. Over time, these ducts and their accompanying pieces can become loose—or maybe they were never installed properly in the first place. These loose pieces can cause rattling, whining, and other noises.

Meanwhile, poorly-installed ductwork can change air pressure—that’s why doors may slam shut when you turn the AC on. Get in touch if you’re experiencing these issues and we’ll work with you to determine the cause and, if needed, troubleshoot on-site.

A/C System Noise Reason #2


Scrapes, clangs and banging within your AC system might be the result of damage somewhere within the system. This can range anywhere from poor ductwork to a furnace blower that’s been knocked out of alignment. These noises are more than just noisy—they could point to an issue or damaged area of your AC system that needs repair now.

A/C System Noise Reason #3


Audible vibrations in your AC system can be a nuisance. Often the cause is a furnace blower falling out of place—this, then, causes the blower to rest against your home or its own casing, sending vibrations throughout the structure.

The same issue can occur with your AC unit, and could be the result of a damaged or missing vibration pad. If you’re experiencing vibrations like these, get in touch to schedule a free assessment.

Contact American Heating & Cooling now to learn more and to schedule your no-obligation AC assessment.

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