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A/C Tune-Up Signs

A/C Tune-Up SIgns

Signs You Need an A/C Tune-up

HVAC units need to have a/c tune-ups on a yearly basis to make sure they are working effectively. Air conditioning tune-ups can be a difference maker in how long your system lasts. Tune-ups cover all aspects of your home HVAC system including the main unit, the ducts, and vents.

There are several common signs that indicate your air conditioning could be overdue for a tune-up. Regular maintenance is important to prevent future problems and to catch issues that have developed before they become unmanageable.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #1

Air Conditioning Bill Increases

Keep an eye on your monthly air conditioning bills, and take note if they become significantly higher. If your unit is not working effectively, it is going to be using more electricity to keep air flow and temperature levels at your preferred setting. If your air conditioning unit is working harder than it should, you will most likely notice an increase in cost on your monthly bills.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #2

Dirty Air Filter and Internal Dust or Dirt

Maintenance usually includes replacing your air filter. Air filters increase air flow, remove dust and pollen from the air, and can increase your system’s efficiency. Any other dust or dirt located in your air conditioning system should also be removed to not only improve the efficiency of your unit, but also prevent potential safety hazards.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #3

Problems at the Air Vent

Go to your air source and check the air temperature and air flow. If warm air is coming out of the vents instead of cool, you will need to have it checked. This is a sign you are wasting money on a unit that is not working efficiently. A common cause for this problem is dirty coils, which can be cleaned during a tune-up.

Weak air flow coming out of the vents will need to be checked as well. This could be minor and alleviated simply by changing the air filter, or there could be a more significant repair needed. There are a variety of reasons for these inefficiencies, so it is best to get your unit a tune-up to find out the reasons before they develop into extensive problems.

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A/C Tune-Up Sign #4

Temperatures are Very Different in Separate Rooms

A difference in temperature of rooms in your home is normal. Some rooms have more windows than others, allowing in more sunlight and warmth. Some areas of a home may run a little cooler, like a basement. But, if there is a significant temperature difference that does not seem to be justified, this too can signal it is time for a tune-up.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #5

Odors and Humidity Change

A fluctuation in humidity combined with the suspicious smell of mold-type odors should throw up a red. The growth of mold and mildew can cause health issues ranging from minor irritation to significant respiratory reactions. Your outdoor compressor should be checked for a possible broken drain tube. There could also be a leak or blockage that needs to be tended to as soon as possible.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #6

Air Conditioner Is Making Loud Noises

Have you heard strange sounds coming from your air conditioning system? Any loud or unusual sounds could be cause for a tune-up from a professional. They will check the belts and bearings to see if they need lubricated. The motor will be inspected also to see if it is wearing out. This would be a serious problem, but getting it checked before the whole system quits working is important. If you have an older system, it may be approaching the time of replacement. A professional assessment will let you know what the next steps should be regarding your air conditioning.

A/C Tune-Up Sign #7

It's time for your yearly A/C tune-up

The situations listed are all good indicators that your air conditioning system needs a tune-up. But, even if none of these have popped up over the year, it is a good idea to have a tune-up performed annually. This will help find problems while they are small, halting them from developing into full blown costly repairs. Taking a proactive approach allows you to combat them quickly. Your HVAC system is a part of the life of your home. Keep the system living longer and performing its best by scheduling maintenance checkups annually with properly trained professionals who can accurately identify any potential problems and also perform preventative maintenance.

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