A/C System Odor Signs

A/C System Odor Signs

Strange Odors From Your Air Conditioner? Here’s What They Mean

Your home’s air conditioner helps you stay comfortable all year long, including during hot and humid Nashville summers. A well-running AC unit keeps your family, pets, and plants at a safe and enjoyable temperature, no matter how hot it might get outside. You need your air conditioner to stay in great shape, but what are some signs that your unit is having trouble? Follow your nose and be aware of any changing smells throughout your home. Unusual or unpleasant odors from your air conditioner are a sign that something’s not right. Learn about common AC smells with American Heating And Cooling. We’ll also cover the problems that cause these scents and how you can fix each situation.

What You Smell: Dirty, Stinky Socks

If your home has started to smell like an old gym locker room, you’re not alone. Air conditioners develop this particular smell when water builds up on the evaporator coils. Evaporator coils can attract bacteria and mold due to condensation when you use your air conditioner. Condensation can be most frequent when you go back and forth between using the heater at night, then the air conditioner during the day.

The stinky sock smell might be strongest in certain parts of the house, including near vents and in rooms that you frequently heat and cool. Musty gym smells are unpleasant, but can also pose a risk to your health. Bacteria and mold can cause illness and disease. It’s important to deal with this problem as soon as you notice it.

Getting Rid Of Sock Smells

The best way to remove your old sock smell is by calling your local HVAC experts. American Heating And Cooling can refresh your unit to clear out the smell. Locker room smells are a clear sign that your evaporator coils are ready to be cleaned. We’ll also unclog your drain pans to keep mold from growing. Once your unit is clean, the old sock smell should be gone.

Going forward, regular maintenance will keep your unit fresh. Change your air filter on a schedule and book regular AC check-ups for the best performance.

What You Smell: Harsh Chemicals

If your home smells like chemicals when you turn on your air conditioner, that’s not a good sign. A chemical odor usually means that your AC is leaking refrigerant. Along with the smell, there are other symptoms to look for. Check for bubbling or hissing sounds when the unit is running, poor performance, unpredictable temperatures throughout your home, and icy buildup on your evaporator coils and refrigerant lines. Any of these symptoms point towards a leaking unit.

A refrigerant leak can start small but build into a serious problem. This issue can cause your entire unit to fail and need to be replaced if you don’t handle it quickly.

Getting Rid Of Chemical Smells

Call American Heating And Cooling as soon as you notice a chemical smell or other signs of a refrigerant leak. If you catch the problem quickly enough, we may be able to repair the leak and top off your refrigerant. We can also help you navigate more extreme leaks and unit replacements if necessary.

What You Smell: Vinegar

Do you smell vinegar or pickles when the air conditioner is on? There are a few different reasons why your AC might create a sharp or acidic odor. The culprit could be clogged filters, moldy ducts, or too much condensation. This is a common situation that can be caused by many different issues.

Getting Rid Of Vinegar Smells

Try tackling this problem yourself by changing your air filter. Your air conditioner’s filters are an important part of the AC system. Using fresh filters can help improve your air quality. If you still notice the smell after changing the filters, get in touch with American Heating And Cooling for more assistance.

What You Smell: Burning

Appliances and household systems should never make a burning smell. If you smell smoke or burning coming from your AC unit, it may have a broken part. Capacitors, fan belts, and electrical connections can cause a burning smell if they break or become loose.

Getting Rid Of Burning Smells

Burning smells and smoke can be signs of a fire. You should always have your unit professionally serviced if you notice these smells. Turn off your AC system and call American Heating And Cooling immediately.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Smelling Pleasant

Air conditioners typically make a small amount of noise when they run, but they shouldn’t create strange smells. If you notice a weird or unpleasant odor from your AC unit, get in touch with American Heating And Cooling. Our expert team can diagnose the problem and help your family stay cool and comfortable with a properly running air conditioner.

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