5 Steps for Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter


Winter coming? Don’t forget about your furnace. By ensuring your furnace is well-functioning, safe and energy efficient going into the colder months, you’ll be set for a warm, cozy winter. Here’s how to prepare your furnace fast…

1. Schedule maintenance and seasonal repairs

The worst time to find out your furnace isn’t working? That first freezing night. Not only do you want to avoid dealing with a chilly day or night but, once the temperature drops, HVAC repair teams are in extra-high demand -- and that means you could wind up waiting a few days to get your furnace back up and running.

Don’t risk it. Contact American HVAC and Air Conditioning now to schedule your seasonal inspection and maintenance appointment. By getting your furnace ready for winter now, you’ll avoid any lags in service when winter rolls in, while tackling any issues early-on before they become bigger, costlier problems.

2. Change your filters

It’s a good idea to change your furnace filter before winter starts. A clean, clear filter will help your furnace run efficiently and effectively.

3. Switch to “heat”

Chances are, your thermostat is still on “cool” from the summer -- or it’s been switched off in between seasons. To ensure your thermostat is working properly, switch the setting to “heat” and see what happens. If your furnace doesn’t start heating up or you hear any strange noises or sounds, get in touch.

4. Clean it out

Check your furnace’s vent pipe for anything that shouldn’t be there -- debris, soot buildup, even bird nests. If you spot anything, call a pro.

Same goes for your furnace’s burners. Inspect carefully and look for dust, debris and other build up. While it’s possible to clean burners yourself, it’s common for first-timers to misalign them when reinstalling. This can lead to performance issues and rust -- not ideal. To avoid these issues, contact us for a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance check. We’ll also check the motor and, if needed, apply oil to improve performance.

5. Check vents

Once you’ve confirmed your furnace is functioning properly, do a quick walk-through of your home or office to make sure vents aren’t obstructed. Blocked vents can keep heat from escaping, preventing your space from warming up -- and, potentially, causing your furnace to overheat.

Schedule your comprehensive pre-winter maintenance and repair check now. Contact us to learn more and to get your inspection confirmed.

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